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2014, Volume 15, Issue Number 2 Estimation of Population Mean Using Linear Combination of Population Variance and Function of Quartiles of Auxiliary Variable Abstract
Aftab Ahmad
2018, Volume 19, Issue Number 3 Estimation of ratio and product of two population means using exponential type estimators in sample surveys Abstract
Kamlesh Kumar, Usha Srivastava
2013, Volume 14, Issue Number 2 Estimation Parameters of Mixture of Multivariate Normal Pattern Abstract
P. Nasiri, A. Aneshkani
2012, Volume 12, Issue Number 2 Evaluating the Volatility Forecasting Performance of Best Fitting GARCH Models in Emerging Asian Stock Markets Abstract
Chaiwat Kosapattarapim, Yan-Xia Lin, Michael McCrae
Winter 2011, Volume 10, Number W11 Existence and Multiplicity of Solutions for Resonant Elliptic Problems Abstract
A.R. El Amrouss, F. Kissi
Autumn 2009, Volume 5, Number A09 Existence of a Minimizing Sequence of Trajectory-Control Pairs with Bounded Controls for Linear Control Problems Abstract
Alexander J. Zaslavski
Spring 2008, Volume 2, Number S08 Existence of Multiple Solutions to Elliptic Equations Abstract
A. Ayoujil, A. R. El Amrouss
2012, Volume 12, Issue Number 2 Explicit error bounds for nonconforming approximation of the heat equation Abstract
B. Achchab, A. Benjouad, A. Souissi
2015, Volume 16, Issue Number 1 Exponential Competing Risk Step-Stress Model with Lagged Effect Abstract
Joleen Beltrami
2017, Volume 18, Issue Number 1 Exponential Function of Rhotrices Abstract
Salisu Usaini, Abdulhadi Aminu
2016, Volume 17, Issue Number 2 Exponential Methods of Imputation in Estimation of Current Population Mean in Two-Occasion Successive Sampling Abstract
G. N. Singh, M. Khetan, S. Maurya
Autumn 2010, Volume 6, Number A10 Extension of the law of Mullender within the viscoelastic framework For the digital simulation of the process of bone remodelling Abstract
Spring 2011, Volume 8, Number S11 Factorization R^JR of a skew-Hamiltonian matrix using its Hamiltonian square root Abstract
M. Bassour, A. H. Bentbib
Autumn 2009, Volume 5, Number A09 Filippov-Gronwall Inequality for Discontinuous Differential Inclusions Abstract
Georgi Smirnov, Francisco Miranda
2017, Volume 18, Issue Number 1 Fixed Point Theorem of Weak Cyclic Contraction Types of Operators Abstract
Sahar Mohamed Ali Abou Bakr
Spring 2010, Volume 6, Number S10 Fixed Point Theorems for Some Multivalued Generalized Contractions in B-Metric Spaces Abstract
M. Boriceanu, A. Petrusel , I.A. Rus
2015, Volume 16, Issue Number 2 Fixed Point Theorems for Three Pairs of Occasionally Weakly Compatible Mappings in Fuzzy Metric Spaces Abstract
Priyanka Nigam, S. S. Pagey
Spring 2009, Volume 4, Number S09 Fluctuations in a Delayed IS-LM Business Cycle Model Abstract
Abdelilah Kaddar, Boujema Talibi Alaoui
Spring 2010, Volume 6, Number S10 From the KKM principle to the Nash Equilibria Abstract
Sehie Park
Spring 2008, Volume 2, Number S08 Functional series on time scales Abstract
Dorota Mozyrska, Ewa Pawluszvicz
Autumn 2011, Volume 9, Number A11 Fuzzy Stability of An Additive Functional Equation Abstract
K. Ravi, M. Arunkumar, P. Narasimman
2012, Volume 11, Issue Number 1 General Pettis Conditional expectation and convergence theorems Abstract
M. El Harami, F. Ezzaki
2018, Volume 19, Issue Number 1 Generalized Burr X family of distributions Abstract
Farrukh Jamal, M. Arslan Nasir
2014, Volume 15, Issue Number 3 Generalized Chain Regression Type Estimator for Population Mean Using Known Coefficient of Variation of the Study Character in the Presence of Non- Response Abstract
B. B. Khare, Habib Ur Rehman
2014, Volume 15, Issue Number 1 Generalized Efficiency Conditions for Multiobjective Fractional Programming Based on Higher Order Invexity Frameworks Abstract
Ram U. Verma
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