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2012, Volume 7, Issue Number 1 Face Detection – Software to Hardware using High Level Synthesis Abstract
Ashish Trambadia, Deepak Pathania, Bhupesh Paliwal
2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 3 Face Recognition Algorithm using LBPWT features Abstract
Amrita Biswas, M.K. Ghose
2012, Volume 7, Issue Number 1 Face Recognition: Robust Approach under Varying and Low Resolution Head Poses Abstract
Seyed Omid Shahdi, S. A. R. Abu-Bakar
2013, Volume 11, Issue Number 3 Facial Emotion Processing in Autism Spectrum Disorder Based on Spectral Features of EEG Signals Abstract
Mina Hashemian, Hossein Pourghassem
2020, Volume 20, Issue Number 4 Facial expression recognition based on multi-radius local gradient binary pattern Abstract
Suraiya Yasmin, Shayhan Ameen Chowdhury
2013, Volume 11, Issue Number 3 Facial Expression Recognition Using ALGBP-TOP Abstract
Nakisa Abounasr, Hossein Pourghassem
2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 2 Fast and Secure Image Transfer with a Mixed Encoder Based Encryption Combined with Compression Abstract
F. Gmira, S. Hraoui, A. Saaidi, A. Jarrar Oulidi, K. Satori
2017, Volume 17, Issue Number 4 Fast Exposure Fusion Based on Regression Analysis Abstract
Mohammed El Amine Moumene, Rachid Nourin
2017, Volume 17, Issue Number 2 Fast SAD Algorithm of HEVC Video Encoder on Two Successive GPU Generations Abstract
R. Khemiri, M. Chouchene, H. Bahri, F. E. Sayadi, H. Kibeya, M. Atri, N. Masmoudi
2019, Volume 19, Issue Number 2 Fast unscented Kalman filter for projective tracking Abstract
BENSOUKEHAL Ali, Keche Mokhtar, Meche Abdelkrim
2021, Volume 21, Issue Number 2 Feature Contours Identification and Mammary Pathologies Detection in Mammography Images Abstract
Leger Bopda Youmissi, Narcisse Talla Tankam, Pascal Vagssa, Hayatou Oumarou, Dina Taïwé Kolyang
2012, Volume 8, Issue Number 2 Frequency Analysis Of Signals and Images Using G-Lets Abstract
B. Rajathilagam, Murali Rangarajan, K. P. Soman
2009 Autumn, Volume 2, Number A09 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data Manipulation Abstract
José Soares, Victor Alves
2016, Volume 16, Issue Number 2 Fuzzy based Fractal Compression for Medical Images by using Pixel Pattern Abstract
Amit Kumar Biswas, Sanjeev Karmakar, Sanjay Sharma
2016, Volume 16, Issue Number 2 Gabor-Zernike Features based Face Recognition Scheme Abstract
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