2022, Volume: 43, Issue Number: 1

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Table of Contents


Predictive Power of Stochastic Mortality Models for Different Age Groups: An Analysis of Developing and Developed Countries PDF
Shreeya Damree, Jason Narsoo 1-18
Economic Valuation of Coastal Tourism Services: A Case Study on the Mudflats PDF
S. Balamurugan, S. Dhivya, Amali Infantina, P. Priya, D. Asir Ramesh 19-28
Socio-Economic Considerations and Stakeholders’ Attitudes Towards Conservation and Management of Wetland Ecosystem: A Case Study PDF
Prasanta Leichombam, Konthoujam Gyanendra Singh, Binilkumar Amarayil Sreeraman 29-46
An Application of Multivariate Method for Evaluation of Regional Disparities in Infrastructural Development: A Case Study PDF
M. Dube, S.K. Yadav, V. Singh 47-57
An ecogenetic model with Michaelis-Menten functional response PDF
Md. Sabiar Rahman 58-79
Dynamics of SIR Model with Saturated Treatment Function under the Effect of Pollution PDF
Naina Arya, Sumit Kaur Bhatia, Riya Jain 80-95
Trends in CITES Listed Bird’s Trade in South Asian Countries in View of Evolution of Indian Laws during Last Four Decades PDF
A. Poonia, A. Ghanghas, R. Sharma, M. Jangra, V. Sindhu 96-115