2019, Volume: 40, Issue Number: 4

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Table of Contents


Strategic Prospects for the Development of Glass Products Market and the Field of Glass Recycling in Ukraine PDF
O. Prokopenko, S. Mehovich, Ya. Romanyuk 1-12
Indian Merchandise Exports and Territorial CO_2 Emissions from India: A Time Series Analysis PDF
Suvajit Banerjee 13-24
Revisiting Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Consumption and CO_2 Emissions in Caspian Basin PDF
A. Z. Isiksal, A. Samour, H. Isiksal 25-39
Human, Environmental Capitals and Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis in Developing Countries PDF
Z. Fotourehchi, H. Ebrahimpour 40-51
The Effect of Technology on Agricultural production in Awi Zone, Ethiopia: ECM Approach PDF
Aynalem Shita, Nand Kumar, Seema Singh 52-60
Gender Dimension of Shocks Heterogeneity and Coping Strategies in Resource-Scarce Areas: A Case Study PDF
S. S. Ibrahim, A. A. Shagali 61-74
Geological Non-Uniform Strike-Slip Fault Model to Study Crustal Deformation in Monoclinic Elastic Medium with Width-Depth Ratio (WDR) of the Fault PDF
Dinesh Kumar Madan, Poonam Arya, N.R. Garg 75-93
About Healthcare Delays: Clarifications by a New Incidence Rate Restricted Bivariate Geometric Distribution PDF
Ramalingam Shanmugam 94-110
Impacts of cycling and walking on health, environment, and society: Pakistan a case in point PDF
Suddiyas Nawaz, Yousaf Ali 111-136