2017, Volume: 38, Issue Number: 1

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Table of Contents


Quantile Regression with Functional Principal Component in Statistical Downscaling to Predict Extreme Rainfall PDF
Wirnancy J. Sari, Aji H. Wigenac, Anik Djuraidah 1-9
Glued Bivariate Poisson distribution for Earthquake Data Analysis PDF
Ramalingam Shanmugam 10-27
Proposed Institutionalization of a Global Pro-Conservationist Second Floor Microfinancing System Inspired by Nexus Between Biodiversity, Poverty and Population Growth: Example of Toba Samosir and Samosir Regency in North Sumatra, Indonesia PDF
T. Hes, L. Valešová, M. Žiaková 28-40
Ecotourism Value of National Parks: A Case of Dachigam National Park in Jammu and Kashmir (India) PDF
M.S. Bhatt, Mohammad Younus Bhat, Showkat Ahmad Shah 41-53
Long-term Population Dynamics and Land-use Transitions in a Mediterranean Country: a Data Mining Approach PDF
L. Salvati 54-61
The Subsidy of Environmental Protection with Incentive Mechanism under Asymmetric Competitors PDF
Chia-Ming Liu, Tsung-Yuan Wang 62-71
Global Dynamics of a Tri-trophic Food Chain Model PDF
U. K. Pahari, Chaity Ganguli, T.K. Kar, Uttam Das 72-95
Computation of Kovanic’s Expectedness Distributions with the Help of Parallel Computing – Basic Version (with Special References of Health and Environment) PDF
J. Knizek, L. Beranek, P. Bouchal, B. Vojtesek, R. Nenutil, M. Kuba, L. Pavliska, V. Prochazka 96-119
Homotopy analysis based solution of a Malaria transmission dynamics model PDF
E.A. Bakare, A. Chakraverty 120-143
Tweedie Distribution in Statistical Modelling of Infant Survival Time PDF
S. Santhana Lakshmi, R. Geetha 144-153