2013, Volume: 30, Issue Number: 3

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Table of Contents


Biodiversity Risk in the US: Evidence and Implications of Spatial Autocorrelation PDF
Justin Tevie, Kristine M. Grimsrud, Robert P. Berrens 1-20
An Alternative for the Proportional Hazards Model: Using Accelerated Failure Time Model for the Destructive Earthquake Analysis in Turkey PDF
N. Ata, G. Özel 21-36
Do Pollutions Deter Foreign Direct Investment in China? PDF
Carlos Pestana Barros, Shunsuke Managi 37-45
Fractal Characterization of Rainfall in Benin PDF
J. Deguenon, A. Bărbulescu 46-55
The advection-diffusion model for atmospheric pollutants dispersion PDF
Ahmada O. Ali, Narsis A. Mtega, Mahera C. Wilson 56-72
The importance of being ‘(trans)-scalar’: a comment on geography and the environment-economy relationship PDF
Luca Salvati, Rosanna Di Bartolomei, Adele Sateriano 73-82
Persistence and global stability analysis of an eco-epidemiological model of the Salton Sea PDF
Md. Sabiar Rahman, Santabrata Chakravarty 83-101
Willingness to Pay Analysis for Recreation and Conservation of Nature PDF
Utpal Kumar De, Amrita Devi 102-120