2011, Volume 21, Number P11

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Table of Contents


Effects of the Japanese carbon offset system on optimum rotation periods and forestry profits PDF
Tohru Nakajima, Mitsuo Matsumoto, Keisuke Sakata, Satoshi Tatsuhara 1-18
Business Development for Preserving Ecosystem Services PDF
E. A. Fongwa, A. Gnauck, F. Müller, M. Petschick 19-32
Simulation of Dispersion of Contaminants by a Model with Source or Sink Term: A Case Study PDF
N. A. L. Mtega, Z. Mussa, W. M. Charles 33-44
Robust Stabilization and Disturbance Attenuation for Uncertain Systems with Time Varying Delays PDF
El Houssaine Tissir 45-56
Polymorphism of Landscape-Zonal Systems: An Empirical-Statistical Modeling PDF
E. G. Kolomyts 57-81
The Relationship between Skill Content of Trade and Carbon Dioxide Emissions PDF
Wei Geng, Yaoqi Zhang 82-91
Modeling of the Factors Influence on Arsenicosis Status, Averting Behavior and Willingness to Pay PDF
M. M. R. Sarker 92-106
Agro-environmental Indicators and Land Quality in the Mediterranean Basin: a Preliminary Analysis PDF
L. Salvati, Sofia Bajocco, A. Sabbi, M. Zitti 107-114