2011, Volume 22, Number S11

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Table of Contents


The Long Economic Cycles in the Context of Sustainable Development PDF
Cristina Tănăsescu, Amelia Bucur 1-12
Further Investigation of Environmental Kuznets Curve Studies Using Meta-Analysis PDF
Bishwa S. Koirala, Hui Li, Robert P. Berrens 13-32
Survival Analysis Modeling on Level of Exposure to the Environment and Health Hazards PDF
Anthony J. Turkson 33-49
The Mechanics of Reduction in Pesticide Use in Indonesian Rice Farm: Economic Impact of Integrated Pest Management Training PDF
Joko MARIYONO 50-71
The Environmental Kuznets Curve and Regional Convergence in Ukraine PDF
Yuri V. Yevdokimov, Leonid G. Melnyk, Oleksandr V. Kubatko 72-86
Modeling Time Delay in an SEIRS Epidemic Model PDF
Manju Agarwal, Archana Singh Bhadauria 87-104
Statistical Evaluation of the Effect of Ethanol in US Corn Production: A Flexible Test for Independence on a Constrained Sum PDF
Kobi Abayomi, Dexin Luo, Valerie M. Thomas 105-126
A Causal study between CO2 Emissions, Electricity Consumption and GDP in India PDF
I. Krishna Murthy 127-139