Summer 2008, Volume 11, Number S08

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Table of Contents


Work and Life of living Legends in Ecological Economics: Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta PDF
Rashid Hassan 1-2
Science and Problem Solving in a Political World: Insights from Katrina PDF
Joshua Farley, Brian Miles 3-20
Uncertainty Analysis for River Quality Measurements PDF
Mona Radwan, Patrick Willems 21-30
A Dynamic Analysis of Trade and Biodiversity Loss in Semi-arid Southern Africa: The Role of Grazing Activities PDF
J. K. A. Benhin, R. M Hassan 31-48
Process Integration for Industrial Symbiosis: An Introduction PDF
Jia Xiao-Ping, Xiang Shu-Guang, Li Hui-Quan, Wang Hodges 49-63
How Good is the Rolling Horizon Approach for an Integrated Fishery Planning Model? PDF
M. Babul Hasan 64-76
Assessment of Streamflow Drought Severity Using Ephemeral Streamflow Data PDF
R. P. Pandey, K. D. Sharma, S.K. Mishra, Ranvir Singh, Ravi V. Galkate 77-89
Quality of Life Index of Three Selected States in the Peninsular Malaysia: Fuzzy Sets Approach PDF
Mohd Lazim Abdullah, Abu Osman Md Tap 90-99
REPI-Based Evaluation for Resource-Efficient and Environment-Friendly Society in China PDF
Shaofeng Chen, Yi Wang 100-113
Theories of Failure, Failure of Theories and Non-Market Valuation of Environment: A Survey PDF
L. Venkatachalam 114-133