2023, Volume 62

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Modified Techniques for Solutions of Generalized Fractional Burgers Model PDF
M. S. Jazmati, G. F. Hassan, E A-B Abdel-Salam 1-14
Optimal Conrol Measures of Beddington De Angelis Response of Lotka Volterra Model PDF
S. Saranya 15-21
Calibration-Based Improvements in Estimating the Mean of a Stratified Population with Scrambled Response on Second Call under Non-Response PDF
Manoj K. Chaudhary, Tulika Dutta 22-38
Several soliton, solitary waves and their interactions for variable time dependent coefficient Burger’s equation PDF
Khalid A. Alsatami 39-56
Canonical Correlation Analysis via Gaussian and Gamma Distributed Data PDF
J. Opara, P. A. Esemokumo, E. U. Oti 57-68