2005, Volume 3, Number S05

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Table of Contents


On the Evaluation of Log Likelihood Gradient for Gaussian Signals PDF
Maria V. Kulikova, Innokenti V. Semoushin 1-14
Techniques for a Priori Choice of Regularizing Parameters in Tikhonov Regularization PDF
M. IQBAL 15-33
On the Thermo-Mechanical Coupling and Dispersion of Thermoelastic Waves with Thermal Relaxations PDF
K. L. VERMA 34-50
Application Of Gröbner Bases Theory To Derive Steady State Rate Equations In Biochemical Kinetic Theory PDF
Mustafa Bayram, Nura Guzel, Ercan Celik 51-59
Stabilization of Homogeneous Nonlinear Systems by Means of an Observer PDF
M. A. Hammami, M. Oumoun, J. C. Vivalda 60-67
On The Solution of the Flow of a Power Law Fluid with Memory past an Infinite Plate PDF
B. I. OLAJUWON 68-76