2004, Volume 2, Number M04

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Table of Contents


Multiple Solutions for the Nonhomogeneous P-Laplacian with Critical Sobolev-Hardy Exponent PDF
Li Juan 1-12
Existence Results for Second Order Integrodifferential Inclusions with Non Local Conditions PDF
Mohamed Bahaj, Ilias Cherti 13-26
Quartile Deviation Based Process Capability Analysis PDF
M S Prabhuswamy, P. Nagesh 27-49
Algebraic Characteristics of the CCITT#2 Communication Code PDF
Dele Oluwade 50-59
Improving Carbon Fibers Quality Characteristic by Using Statistical Modeling PDF
S. Raissi, R. Eslami Farsani, A. Shokuhfar, A. Sedghi 60-71
A Mathematical Model of the Growth Patterns of Rabbits PDF
Jean M. Tchuenche , Ishola D. Muraina 72-88