2019, Volume 20, Issue Number: 3

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Table of Contents


Combining optimal scaling and survival techniques to identify possible predictors for unemployment duration PDF
S.J.W. Willems, M. Fiocco, J.J. Meulman 1-22
Solution and asymptotic behavior of stochastic evolutions equations with state dependent delay in infinite dimensional space PDF
Abdelkader MOULAY 23-35
Forecasting the Remittances of the Overseas Filipino Workers in the Philippines PDF
Merry Christ E. Manayaga, Roel F. Ceballos 38-44
Growth Trend and Forecasting of Tasar Raw Silk Production in India PDF
Suresh Rai, R.K. Dwivedi 45-51
Estimation Of conditional residual entropy in the α-mixing functional data. PDF
Fatima Akkal, El Hadj Hamel, Abbes Rabhi 52-59
Monopolistic vs. Oligopolistic Competition and the Role of Taxation PDF
G.T. Soldatos 60-82
The Mediating Role of Psychological Capital in Relationship of Coaches' Sense of Humor with Teamwork Effectiveness from Athletes’ Perspective (Structural Equation Model Analysis) PDF
F. Fahim Devin, D. Farbod 83-93
Asymptotic normality of the nonparametric conditional density function estimate with functional variables for quasi-associated data PDF
Hamza Daoudi, Boubaker Mechab, Samir Benaissa, Abbes Rabhi 94-106