2018, Volume: 15, Issue Number: 3

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Table of Contents


Designing and Implementation of eLearning in Mathematics Subject for Students Computer Science Program PDF
T.D. Andini, S.N. Afiyah, V.A. Fitria 1-10
Reconfigurable Communication System for Dynamic Capacity Increase: Model to Contain Congestible Traffics PDF
O. T. Jinadu, A. H. Aliu 11-21
Quantifying The Importance of Driving Forces of Landscape Change Using Remote Sensing: A Case Study PDF
Jitendra Thakur 22-36
Designing the ANPR Pipeline using State of the Art Techniques PDF
Arshad Sultan, Ashish Kumar Sharma, Ashutosh Jha, Nitish Kumar, Vishnu Kumar Jakhoria 37-45
On The Performance of Bilateral Filters in Denoising of Machined Surface Images PDF
K. Kannan, D. Palani Kumar 46-53
BM3D Based on Affine Transformation and Projective Transformation for Image Denoising PDF
V. Rabila, G. Bharatha Sreeja 54-62
The Analysis of Innovative Vocabulary Game as Instructional Media PDF
Widya Adhariyanty Rahayu, Suastika Yulia Riska 63-68
A Novel Automated Time Tabling/Scheduling System for Lectures or Exams Among University Students and Faculties: A Case study PDF
Abdulhamid Tahir Hamid, Shafiu Muhammad Tahir, Yashwant Mali 69-77
q-Recursive Method to Improve Accuracy and Time Taken by Content Based Image Retrieval PDF
Nidhi Bansal 78-82