2016, Volume: 6, Issue Number: 6

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Special Volume [Guest Editors: M. Dev Anand, K A Janardhanan and D. Kinslin, Noorul Islam University, Kumaracoil, India]

Table of Contents


Integrating Geospatial Technology with Models and Warning Systems for Landslide Mitigation: An Analysis PDF
Urvashi Meena, Vipin Chanalia, Pradeep Kumar Garg 1-12
A Study on VANET Congestion Control with Data Aggregation PDF
M. Bilal Azarudhen, B.S. Deepapriya 13-20
Anonymization over Bigdata Using MapReduce Algorithm with Secured Storage Service in DataCloud PDF
A. Varnachithra, Navya Moncy, R.G Sahishna Krishna , Neethy C. Nair, K.S Navin 21-34
Hand Gesture Recognition for Fast Video Database Access PDF
S. Meenu Shibu, Indu Bhuvanendra Kumar, T S Thushara, Clince Devasia, S.S. Sumi 35-40
Peirce’s criteria for Multiple Outlier Detection in Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Network PDF
K V Resiga, L. Nandita 41-49
Highly Secured Q/A CAPTCHA Based on Clickpoints PDF
R Sivapriya, R.M. Thangam, R.S Nayana, G. Sanker 50-58