2016, Volume 1, Issue Number: 1

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Table of Contents


Text and Image Encryption via text and image keys using Singular Value Decomposition PDF
Mohammed Abdul-Hameed Jassim 1-16
Hostile Environment Search using Object Rendering and Multi agent Swarm Intelligence PDF
D. Parab, K. Parekh, K. Uderani, R. Devakumar, N. Giri 17-22
Application of Neuro Fuzzy Logic in DTC Scheme using XSG PDF
B. Souha, S. Gdaim, A. Mtibaa 23-35
Application of K-Nearest-Neighbors Classification for Number Recognition PDF
Akshay Nagpal 36-42
More Technological Aspect on Intuitionistic Fuzzy πGβ Homeomorphisms PDF
T. Jenitha Premalatha, S. Jothimani 43-54
Detection of Microcalcifications in Digitized Mammograms Based on Bootstrap Classical Machine Learning Method PDF
W. Jai Singh, S. Devaarul 55-70
A Hybrid Scheme of DDBTC Encoding and CCF,BPF Extraction for Image Retrieval Process with Relevance Feedback PDF
M S Meharban, S. Priya 71-84
A Modified Artificial Immune Algorithm for Solving Single-Objective Bi-level Optimization Problems PDF
A.M. Hagras, N.A. Elhefnawy, M.M. El-Sherbiny, M.M. Hadhoud 85-97
Feedforward neural network and adaptive network-based fuzzy inference system in study of power lines PDF
M. Piradl, A. Jafarian 98-110
I-vector Based Emotion Recognition in Assamese Speech PDF
Rituraj Kaushik, Mridusmita Sharma, Kandarpa Kumar Sarma, Dmitry I Kaplun 111-124
Multi Model MRI Brain Image Fusion Techniques and Graph Cut Segmentation PDF
Padmanjali A. Hagargi, D.C Shubhangi 125-136