2016, Volume 29, Issue Number 1

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Table of Contents


Binary Tomography Reconstruction From Few Projections With Level-set Regularization Methods For Bone Microstructure Study PDF
L. Wang, B. Sixou, S. Rit, F. Peyrin 1-17
Applied Current Injection and Magnetic Field Induction Simultaneously on Electrical Impedance Tomography PDF
D. Darmawan, D. Kurniadi, Suyatman, Janivita 18-28
Detection and Visualization of Brain Tumour using DICOM Images PDF
Subarnarekha Ghosa1, Karishma, D. Aju 29-42
Hardware implementation of MRI recognition using MSFLA PDF
Anis LADGHAM, Anis SAKLY, Abdellatif MTIBAA 43-54
Autocorrelation-domain method for noise robust speech recognition PDF
Hajer Rahali, Zied Hajaiej, Noureddine Ellouze 55-62
Adaptive Refine Mesh Method in 2-Dimensional Image Reconstruction of Continuous Wave-Diffuse Optical Tomography using Model Based Iterative Reconstruction for Quality Control on Carrot PDF
V. Nadhira, D. Qiyaman, N. Afifah J., E. Juliastuti, D. Kurniadi 63-71
Brain-EEG Signal Classification Based on Data Normalization for Controlling a Robotic Arm PDF
Howida A. Shedeed, Mohamed F. Issa 72-85
Enhanced Algorithm of Hill Cipher Involving Pseudo-Randomized Dynamic Key Approach for Image Encryption PDF
Faiq GMIRA, Said HRAOUI, Abderrahim SAAIDI, Abderrahmane JARRAR OULIDI, khalid SATORI 86-98
An image Encryption Algorithm resistant to attacks using Chaotic Maps PDF
Anchal Jain, Navin Rajpal 99-110