2013, Volume 24, Issue Number 3

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Table of Contents


Tomographic Imaging of P- and S-wave Velocity Structure Beneath Central Java, Indonesia: Joint Inversion of the MERAMEX and MCGA Earthquake Data PDF
S. Rohadi, S. Widiyantoro, A. D. Nugraha, Masturyono 1-16
Quantification and Analysis of 3D Magnetic Resonance Image Brain Tumor PDF
D. Aju, B. K. Ray 17-26
Entropy-based Volume Local Binary Pattern PDF
Shadi Noruzifar, Reza Azmi, Behrouz Gholizadeh 27-41
A Novel Efficient Low Impact V2H Vehicle-to-House Battery Charging Scheme PDF
E. Elbakush, A. M. Sharaf 42-69
Adaptive Invisible Watermarking Model for Securing Ownership Rights of Digital Images using SIFT features in Bi-orthogonal Wavelet domain PDF
V. Santhi, P. Arulmozhivarman 70-85
Comparison of Pixel and Object Based Approaches Using Landsat Data for Land Use and Land Cover Classification in Coastal Zone of Medan, Sumatera PDF
Togi Tampubolon, Khiruddin bin Abdullah, Lim Hwee San 86-94
Multistage Compression of Encrypted Images for Band Effective Secured Transmission and Reconstruction PDF
D. Venugopal, A. Sivanantha Raja, M. Uma 95-102
A Wavelet-Multifractal Analysis for SAR Image Segmentation PDF
A. El Boustani, A. Ould khal, A. Hamid, E. El Bachari, S. Siddiqui, W. Kinsner 103-109