2015, Volume 28, Issue Number 1

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Table of Contents


A fully Bayesian approach to shape estimation of objects from tomography data using MFS forward solutions PDF
Robert G. Aykroyd, Daniel Lesnic, Andreas Karageorghis 1-21
Segmentation of Mammographic Masses Using Gray Level Thresholding PDF
K. Divyadarshini, R. Vanithamani 22-32
Combination of General Ray Method and Rotating Projection Algorithm for Fast Recognition of Discreet Micro Scale Compound Structures PDF
Grebennikov Alexandre 33-39
Improving Image Quality in Electrical Impedance Tomography by Combining Data Collection Methods PDF
A. Ain, D. Kurniadi, Suprijanto, O. Santoso 40-53
Finite Biorthogonal Transforms and Multiresolution Analyses on Intervals PDF
David Ferrone 54-70
Video Based Indian Sign Language Recognition System for Single and Double Handed Gestures with Unique Motion Trace as Feature PDF
Divya Swaminathan, S. Kiruthika, Anton A L Nivin, S. Padmavathi 71-88
Radon integral transform on sparse rectangular grid PDF
K. Ya Kudryavtsev, D. M. Mikhaylov 89-104
Denoising Natural Images Using Fast Multiscale Directional Filter Banks PDF
E. Jebamalar Leavline, S. Sutha 105-116