Summer 2010, Volume 14 (Special Volume), Number S10

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Editorial: IJTS Special Volume on Image Processing-II PDF
João Manuel R. S. Tavares, Renato Renato M. Natal Jorge 1-2
A Graphical Tool for the Tomographic Characterization of Microstructural Features on Metal Matrix Composites PDF
T. Cadavez, Gerald Ferreira, P. Medeiros, P. ACHILLE, P.J. Quaresma, L.A. Rocha, A. Velhinho, G. Vignoles 3-15
Feature Selection based on Genetic Algorithm compared to Mutual Information: A Case Study for Face Recognition PDF
Aouatif Amine, Mohammed Rziza, Driss Aboutajdine 16-28
An Understanding of Mechanical Behaviour and Damage Mechanism in Elastomers using X-Ray Computed Tomography at Several Scales PDF
K. Bessri, F. Montembault, E. Bayraktar, C. Bathias 29-40
Detection of Small Bowel Tumors in Endoscopic Capsule Images by Modeling Non-Gaussianity of Texture Descriptors PDF
D. Barbosa, J. Ramos, A. Tavares, C.S. Lima 41-55
Morphology from Texture in Cytometry PDF
Leonid Peshkin, Joaquın Goni, Alexander Loewer, Ram S. Kolluri, Galit Lahav, Dennis Wall 56-67
Identification of Log Characteristics in Computed Tomography Images of Black Spruce (Picea Mariana) Logs by Means of Maximum Likelihood Classifier PDF
Qiang Wei, Shu Yin Zhang, Ying Hei Chui, Brigitte Leblon 68-82
EEG Source Reconstruction Using Global Optimization Approaches: Genetic Algorithms versus Simulated Annealing PDF
Romana Rytsar, Thierry Pun 83-94
Multi-Stage Fusion of Local and Global Features Based Classification for Face Recognition PDF
M. El Aroussi, S. Ghouzali, M. El Hassouni, M. Rziza, D. Aboutajdine 95-108
Contour Detection and Recovery through Bio-Medical Watermarking for Telediagnosis PDF
K. Pal, V.H. Mankar, T.S. Das, S. K. Sarkar 109-119