Summer 2009, Volume 11, Number S09

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Table of Contents


Statistical X-ray tomography using empirical Besov priors PDF
Simopekka Vanska, Matti Lassas, Samuli Siltanen 3-32
A New Parameters Choice Method for Ill-Posed Problems with Poisson Data and its Application to Emission Tomographic Imaging PDF
Reginaldo J. Santos, Alvaro R. De Pierro 33-52
Identification of obstacles for parabolic problems PDF
Horst Heck, Alexander G. Ramm 53-60
Review of rates of convergence and regularity conditions for inverse problems PDF
J-M. Loubes, V. Rivoirard 61-82
A Novel Method for Singular Value Decomposition of Polynomial Matrices and ICI Cancellation in a Frequency- Selective MIMO Channel PDF
I. A. Akhlaghi, H. Khoshbin 68-75
New symplectic transformations: Symplectic reflector on C2n_2 PDF
S. Agoujil, A.H. Bentbib 99-117
On Continuous Functions on the Digital Space Zn PDF
K.B. Tonny 118-121
Book Review PDF
Tanuja Srivastava 122-123