2014, Volume 27, Issue Number 3

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Table of Contents


Analysis of Source Rupture Process of the September 2, 2009 Tasikmalaya Earthquake by Using the Joint Inversion Method of Near Field and Teleseismic Data PDF
I. Suardi, Y. Yagi, S. Widiyantoro, Afnimar , I. Meilano 1-22
A Novel Iris Recognition System Based on Central Force Optimization PDF
Nuzhat Faiz Shaikh, Dharmpal D. Doye 23-34
Defocus Blur Parameter Estimation in Barcode Images using Fast Discrete Curvelet Transform PDF
Shamik Tiwari, V. P. Shukla, S. R. Biradar, A. K. Singh 35-46
Farsi Handwritten Digit Recognition using Multi Expert Classifiers PDF
A. M. Chabi, H. Dehghan, F. Farzaneh 47-53
Exploiting Regression Line and Doyle’s Distance to Track the Object via Color Optical Flow PDF
M. H. Sidram, Nagappa U. Bhajantri 54-68
Optimal Feature Selection based on Hybridization of MSFLA and Gabor filters for Enhanced MR Brain Image Recognition using SVM PDF
Anis Ladgham, Anis Sakly, Abdellatif Mtibaa 69-83
Inter-Video Frame Duplication Detection using Spatial Correlation and Optical Flow Algorithms PDF
A. Baskar, R. Umesh Babu 84-100
The Application of Mesh Belt and Volleyball Detection Theory in the Tournament Scene Analysis Based on Improved Hough Transform PDF
Bing Zhang, Zhengkai Shi 101-110
Thresholding techniques for multi-modal histogram into a sequence of Gaussian functions PDF
Mousumi Gupta, Sambhunath Biswas 111-129