Summer 2008, Volume 9, Number S08

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Table of Contents


A Novel Up-To-Down Algorithm for Road Extraction PDF
David Tien, Yi Xiao, Qing-hua Qin 1-11
Stable gradient–type iterative methods for smooth irregular operator equations and their application to the problem of acoustic sounding PDF
Mihail Yu. Kokurin, Alexander I. Kozlov 12-32
Classification of Soil Texture Based on Wavelet Domain Singular Values PDF
S. Ramakrishnan, S. Selvan 33-50
Adaptation of Generalizability Theory for Inter-Rater Reliability for Landmark Localization PDF
Ilker Ercan, Gokhan Ocakoglu, Ibrahim Guney, Berna Yazici 51-58
Estimation of the Seismic Dispersion Parameters by Wavelets PDF
Youssef Bentaleb, Said El Hajji 59-72
An Enhanced Watershed Transformation Approach for MRI Gray Matter Segmentation Using Iterative Parallel Region Merging PDF
K. Santle camilus, V.K. Govindan, P.S. Sathidevi 73-87
Adaptive Selectivity Frame for Image Denoising PDF
M. El Aallaoui, A. El Bouhtouri, A. Ayadi 88-107
Analysis of Continuous-Time LMS Adaptive Filter Weights Using Stochastic Calculus and Fokker-Planck Kolmogorov Equation PDF
Tarun Kumar Rawat, Harish Parthasarathy 108-115