Fall 2008, Volume 10, Number F08

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Table of Contents


Editorial: Mathematics and Applications to Technology and Environment (MATE) – Numerical Analysis and Simulation (NAS) PDF
Delfim F. M. Torres, Moulay Rchid Sidi Ammi, Saiida Lazaar 2
An Implicitly Symplectic Lanczos Algorithm for Hamiltonian Matrices PDF
S. Agoujil, A.H. Bentbib 3-25
Finite volume scheme for convection-diffusion problems PDF
H. Belhadj 26-30
Computations for a Breast Ultrasonic Imaging Technique and Finite Element Approach for a Fractional Derivative Modeling the Breast Tissue Acoustic Attenuation PDF
A. Bounaim, W. Chen 31-43
A numerical modeling of uncertain parameters associated to a transport model of radionuclides in porous media PDF
J.M. Dıaz Moreno, Saiida Lazaar, F. Ortegon Gallego 44-57
A maximum likelihood estimation for the Weibull tail coefficient based on record values PDF
Mohamed El Arrouchi, Abdelouhid Imlahi 58-68
Data mining with decision trees to extract features of sandalwood odorous molecules PDF
Mohamed Kissi, Mohammed Ramdani 69-75
Numerical approximation to Helmholtz equation using a spectral method PDF
Z. Mahani, A. Hakim, A. Ziyyat 76-95
Numerical solutions of SPDEs involving white noise PDF
Hassan Manouzi 96-108
Cholesky decomposition of skew-Hamiltonian matrices PDF
H. Al Moatassime, M. Bassour, A.H. Bentbib 109-113
Dynamics and numerical simulations in a production and development of red blood cells with one delay PDF
Radouane Yafia 114-124
Uniform Stabilization of a Hybrid System of Elasticity with Variable Coefficients PDF
Naji Yebari, Driss Aouragh 125-140