2017, Volume 18, Issue Number 2

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Table of Contents


Rate of uniform consistency for nonparametric of the conditional quantile estimate with functional variables in the single functional index model PDF
Nadia Kadiri, Souad Mekkaoui, Abbes Rabhi 1-29
A general class of biased estimators in the presence of multicollinearity with autocorrelated errors PDF
Shalini Chandra, Gargi Tyagi 30-49
On The Properties and Estimation of Size-Biased Scaled Inverse Chi-Squared Distribution PDF
Sunnia Tari, Kalsoom Akhtar Chaudhry 50-60
The Double Truncated Dagum Distribution with Applications PDF
H. Isik, D. Turfan, G. Ozel 61-78
An Improved Estimation Procedure Using Transformed Auxiliary Variable in Two-Occasions Successive Sampling PDF
G. N. Singh, Mohd Khalid, A. K. Singh 79-92
A new lifetime distribution with increasing-decreasing failure rate function PDF
Mostafa Tamandi, Azam Sadat Safavi, Abbas Mahdavi 93-105
A Selection Procedure to Select Best Population Based on Decreasing Mean Residual Life PDF
Parameshwar V. Pandit, Shubhashree Joshi 106-115