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2009 Autumn, Volume 2, Number A09 Automatic Recognition of Off-line Handwritten Arabic (Indian) Numerals Using Support Vector and Extreme Learning Machines Abstract
Sabri A. Mahmoud , Sunday O. Olatunji
2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 4 Background Subtraction in Surveillance systems- A Neural Fuzzy Approach Abstract
Joydip Dhar, Ritika Kurele, Surbhi Arora, Swati Sinha
2014, Volume 12, Issue Number 1 Bayesian Network Approach to Vehicle Mode Monitoring Using Embedded System with 3-axis Accelerometer Abstract
Atis Elsts, Artis Mednis, Leo Selavo
2014, Volume 12, Issue Number 1 Block Truncation Coding (BTC) approach in Multispectral Remote Sensing Image Classification Abstract
Pravada S. Bharatkar, Rahila Patel
2014, Volume 12, Issue Number 1 Blood Vessel Detection in Fundus Images by a Multi-agent Approach Abstract
Carla Pereira, Jason Mahdjoub, Zahia Guessoum, Luis Gonçalves, Manuel Ferreira
2010 Autumn, Volume 4, Number A10 Blur Identification with Image Restoration based on Application of Data Mining Techniques Abstract
D. Chandrakala, S. Sumathi, D. Saraswathi
2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 3 Border Noise Removal from the Document Image Using X-Y Cut and Filtering Technique Based on Morphological Operation Abstract
Marian Wagdy, Ibrahima Faye,and Dayang Rohaya , Ibrahima Faye, Dayang Rohaya
2014, Volume 13, Issue Number 2 Brain Dynamics under Mobile Phone Radiation Using Various Fractal Dimension Methods Abstract
C.K. Smitha, N. K. Narayanan
2016, Volume 16, Issue Number 4 Breast cancer mammography diagnosis approach using dual tree complex wavelet transform and artificial neural networks Abstract
A. Addioui, F. Benabbou, S. El Filali, M. El Aroussi
2013, Volume 9, Issue Number 1 Capsule Endoscopic Image Denoising Based on Double Density Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Abstract
Varun P. Gopi, P. Palanisamy
2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 4 Carpet Map Classification and Retrieval based on Color and Textural Features Abstract
Mojdeh Vafaei, Hossein Pourghassem
2014, Volume 13, Issue Number 2 Categorization and Segmentation of Intestinal Content and Pathological Frames in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images Abstract
S. Arivazhagan, W. Sylvia Lilly Jebarani, V. Jenifer Daisy
2016, Volume 16, Issue Number 2 CBIR using the 2-D ESPRIT Method: Application to Coil 100 Database Abstract
CHAWKI Youness, OUANAN Mohammed, AKSASSE Brahim
2016, Volume 16, Issue Number 3 Cellular Automata - Chinese Remainder Theorem Based Image Encryption Compression Scheme Abstract
Bala Suyambu Jeyaram, Rama Raghavan, Junzo Watada
2008 Autumn, Volume 1, Number A08 Centroid Based Fast Search Algorithm for Vector Quantization Abstract
H. B. Kekre, Tanuja K. Sarode
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