2015, Volume 15, Issue Number 1

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Table of Contents

Part A: Regular Issue

A Robust Approach to Characterize the Human Ear: Application to Biometric Identification PDF
Amir Benzaoui, Abdelhani Boukrouche 1-11
Wood Image Real-Time Segmentation Algorithm Based on Video Processing PDF
Ratri Dwi Atmaja 12-18
New Method for Classification of Age Groups Based on Texture Shape Features PDF
V. Vijaya Kumar, P. Chandra Sekhar Reddy, B. Eswara Reddy 19-30
Unsupervised image segmentationby Global and local Criteria Optimization Based on Bayesian Networks PDF
Mohamed Ali Mahjoub, Mohamed Mhiri 31-48
A New Image Fusion Algorithm Compared at Wavelet Transform PDF
D. Ghanima, N. Benabadji, A. B. Hassini, A. H. Belbachir 49-61

Part B: Special Issue

Editorial on the Special Issue of International Journal of Imaging and Robotics on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence PDF
Sara Rodríguez, Juan F. De Paz, Javier Bajo, Fernando de la Prieta, Juan M. Corchado 62-63
Agent Implementation of a Soccer Mobile Robot Based on a Google Android™ Smartphone PDF
Dani Martínez, Javier Moreno, Marcel Tresanchez, Tomàs Pallejà, Davinia Font, Mercè Teixidó, Jordi Palacín 64-79
Distributed Collision Avoidance Method Based on Consensus among Mobile Robotic Agents PDF
Ángel Soriano, Enrique J. Bernabeu, Ángel Valera, Marina Vallés 80-90
Distributed System for Intelligent Management of Lost or Abandoned Pets PDF
Daniel Garrote-Hildebrand, Jose-Luis Poza-Lujan, Juan-Luis Posadas-Yagüe, José-Enrique Simó-Ten, Jose-Luis Jimenez-Garcia 91-101
Prototyping Teams of Affective Agents in Robocode PDF
António Rebelo, Fábio Catalão, João Alves, Goreti Marreiros, Cesar Analide, Paulo Novais, José Neves 102-112
Decentralized Decision-Making about Routing of Unsplittable Vehicle Flows in Stochastic Traffic Networks PDF
Maksims Fiosins 113-128