2011 Spring, Volume 5, Number S11

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Table of Contents


Reconstruction of c.1650 B.C. Fragmented Wall Paintings by Exploitation of the Thematic Content PDF
P. Rousopoulos, C. Papaodysseus, D. Arabatzis, M. Exarhos, M. Panagopoulos 1-17
A Genetic Algorithm for Reconstruction under Periodicity Constraints PDF
Narender Kumar, Tanuja Srivastava 18-27
An Unified Architecture for Affine Transformations of 2D Images for Real Time Applications PDF
Pradyut Kumar Biswal, Swapna Banerjee 28-42
Performance Analysis of Digital Image Watermarking Techniques using Zernike Moments and Discrete Cosine Transform PDF
Ekta Walia, Anu Suneja 43-58
Optimization of Pre-Watermarked Digital Images Using Genetic Algorithm PDF
Mitigation of Impairments due to Noise and Rayleigh Fading in an MIMO-OFDM System PDF
R. Bijukumar, Bijan B.Das 80-94