2019, Volume: 40, Issue Number: 2

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Table of Contents


Correlation between the Rates and Mortality of Ischemic Heart Disease and Magnesium Concentrations in Ohio Drinking Water PDF
Nana Y. Acheampong, Isam E. Amin, Alan M. Jacobs 1-16
Application of Homotopy Perturbation Method to an Eco-epidemic Model PDF
Pranab Kumar Bera, Sahabuddin Sarwardi, Md. Abdul Khan 17-24
Strategic Priorities and Financial Support of Ukrainian Agricultural Sector Development PDF
E. А. Kirieieva, N. V. Pryshliak, O. І. Shamanska, I. Yu. Salkova, A. V. Kucher 25-37
A Predator-Prey Model with Crowley-Martin Response for Predation PDF
Nijamuddin Ali, Krishnendu Sarkar, Lakshmi Narayan Guin 38-48
Environmental Kuznets Curve, Pollution Haven Hypothesis and Business Cycles: Evidence from BRICS Countries PDF
Cleomar Gomes da Silva, Flavio V. Vieira, Carlos C. S. Saiani 49-66
Stochastic and Diffusion Analysis of a Modified Leslie-Gower Model with Holling Type Functional Responses PDF
T. Vidyanath, K. Lakshmi Narayan, Shahnaz Bathul 67-79
Contemporary Marketing Concept as A Component of Sustainable Development of The Region and Rural Areas of Ukraine PDF
M.O. Lyshenko, L.I. Mykhailova, T. V. Ustik, H. Z. Makhmydov, L.I. Polityakina, О.S. Mykhailova 80-91
A predator-prey model with strong Allee effect and disease in prey population PDF
Sudeshna Mondal, Alakes Maiti, G. P. Samanta 92-112