2018, Volume: 39, Issue Number: 2

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Table of Contents


Earnings Growth in Degrowth Environment PDF
Damir Tokic 1-18
Towards an Optimum Mobilization of Resources for Conservation of an Environmental Amenity: A Case Study of Kaziranga National Park, India PDF
Raju Mandal, Subrata Barman, M.P. Bezbaruah 19-33
A Modeling Dynamics for Fish Harvesting Resources with Taxation as a Control Variable PDF
Abdellah Alla, Younes Louartassi, Aissam Nabil 34-45
Significance of prey harvesting in prey-predator system in discrete time scale using interval parameters PDF
Debaldev Jana, G. P. Samanta 46-60
Long-term Demographic Dynamics along a Mediterranean Urban Gradient: A Reflection on Population Growth and Socio-environmental Systems PDF
K. Rontos, L. Salvati, Shahnaz Bathul 61-70
Wind power forecasting using neural network and ARIMA models (field of ”Kabertene”, in southern Algeria) PDF
Laid GASMI, Zouaoui Chikr Elmezouar, Mohammed Kadi Attouch 71-79
Effects of Awareness Programs to Save Dolphins: A Mathematical Model PDF
Sapna Devi 80-89
Possibilities for Sustainable Social and Economic Development of Northern Territories PDF
A. A. Lukyanova, E. S. Kononova, E. V. Belyakova, N. I. Smorodinova, G.Y. Belyakova, G.T. Polezhaeva 90-95