2016, Volume: 37, Issue Number: 1

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Table of Contents


Estimating the Major Contributors to Environmental Impacts in Australia PDF
G. A. Uddin, K. Alam, J. Gow 1-14
Health Spending and Growth in Ghana: An Examination of Causality PDF
C. Barnor E., E.E. Asmah, E.A. Wiafe 15-23
A novel predictor for disease-genes based on combination use of topological features in human protein-protein interaction network PDF
Xi-qiang Zhao, Hong-hong Feng 24-30
Propagation of Argan (Argania Spinosa (L.) Skeels) by Seeds: Effects of Temperature and Soaking on Seed Germination of Two Taxa in Algeria PDF
Z. Benaouf, Z. Souidi, Z. Arabi 31-42
Modeling the Impact of Agricultural Credit Finance and Socio-economic Characteristics of Farmers on Rice Production: Multiple Linear Regression with Categorical Predictor Variables Approach PDF
Yisa Yakubu 43-54
Neural Networks Forecasting Yield per Hectare of Jowar: A Case Study PDF
R. Ramakrishna 55-62
A Statistical Assessment of Whitened-PCA/SVD under variable Environmental Constraints PDF
L. Asiedu, F. Oduro, A.O. Adebanji, F.O. Mettle 63-79
Gnostical “t-tests” – Promising Evaluation Method of Some Medicine and Biological Data PDF
L. Pavliska, J. Knizek, V. Prochazka, P. Bouchal, B. Vojtesek, R. Beranek, L. Nenutil 80-94