2015, Volume: 36, Issue Number: 4

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Table of Contents


Risk Perceptions and Adaptation to Climate Variability: Survey Evidence from Maple Syrup Farmers PDF
Pallab Mozumder, Timothy O. Randhir, William F. Vásquez, Meenakshi Jerath 1-17
Analysis of A Predator-Prey Population Model PDF
Swarnali Sharma, G.P. Samanta 18-44
Exploring the Complexity of Volcanic Soil Genesis in Greece through Multivariate Analysis PDF
N. K. Moustakas, L. Salvati, F. Georgoulias 45-56
An Economic Analysis of Production Efficiency and Marketing Efficiency of Poultry Enterprise: A Case Study PDF
J.S. Amarnath, C. Saranya 57-70
Curvature Informatics about Medical Errors: Geometric View of Incidence Restricted Poisson PDF
Ramalingam Shanmugam 71-80
Climate Change and Fishing: Analysing Fishermen’s Viewpoint PDF
Sibananda Senapati, Vijaya Gupta 81-94
Understanding Human Wildlife conflicts in rapidly expanding urban complexes: Epidemiological profile of snakebite victims indicates builders are at risk PDF
F. Gbogbo, H. Nunoo 95-103
Waste Generation Trends and Their Socio-Economic Implications: A Case Study PDF
K. Savitha 104-112