2015, Volume: 36, Issue Number: 3

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US Household Support for Non-Fossil Fuel Based Energy R and D: Accounting for Uncertainty, News Media Coverage and Possible Nuclear “Poison Pill” Effects PDF
Hui Li, Robert P. Berrens, Hank C. Jenkins-Smith, Carol L. Silva 1-25
A Dynamic Reaction Model of A Prey-Predator System Incorporating a Constant Prey Refuge PDF
Uttam Das, Srabani Guria, T.K. Kar, U. K. Pahari 26-48
Gnostical p-Value and Gnostical Power of Test – Promising Evaluation Method of Some Medicine and Biological Data PDF
J. Knizek, P. Bouchal, B. Vojtesek, R. Nenutil, L. Beranek 49-67
Workers Risks, Perceptions and Attitude: Implications to Sao-Hill Forest Plantation Management PDF
J.M. Abdallah, S. Mawinda 68-87
Global Warming and the Pattern of Overall Climate Changes in Sub-Himalayan Assam Region of North-East India PDF
Utpal Kumar De, Manoranjan APal, Kamal Bodosa 88-105
Newtonia buchananii Abundance and Distribution in Relation to Altitude and Human Disturbance: A study in Uluguru Nature Reserve, Tanzania PDF
R.S. Nyinondi, E.F. Nzunda 106-113
Health Impact as Free-Rider Issue of Water Consumption and Sewage Water Disposal: A Case Study PDF
D. Suja., S. Boopathi 114-124
Recreational Value of National Parks in Ghana: A Case of Kakum National Park PDF
Emmanuel Ankomah, Kofi Osei Adu 125-133