2015, Volume: 36, Issue Number: 1

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Willingness to Pay for Relocating Mobile Phone Base Stations PDF
H. C. Lin, Y. M. Lin 1-14
Refined Randomized Response Model for Suspicious Answers: Illicit Drug Users in U.S.A. are illustrated PDF
Ramalingam Shanmugam 15-27
Geospatial Analysis of Fragmentation and its Effects on Biodiversity: A Case Study of Reserve Forest PDF
Charlotte Remteng, K. A. Adepoju, J. O. Akinyede 28-43
Assessing Polycentric Urban Growth through a Mathematic Morphology Approach PDF
L. Salvati 44-56
Modeling of Dissolved Oxygen Transfer Capacity of Constructed Wetlands Treating Domestic Wastewater PDF
R. J. Kimwaga 57-65
Soil Physico-Chemical Properties, Herbaceous Species Diversity and Biomass in a Nitrogen Fertilization Experiment PDF
Punita Verma, R. Sagar, Preeti Verma, D.K. Singh, H. Verma 72-82
A Statistical Approach to the Evaluation and Modelling Of Contamination in an Agro-Ecosystem PDF
S. Taibi-Hassani, P. Lepelletier, A. Blot, J.C. Thoisy-Dur 83-97
A Two Species Amensalism Model with Time Delay PDF
Sita Rambabu B., Lakshmi Narayan K., Shahnaz Bathul 98-106