2014, Volume: 33, Issue Number: 2

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Table of Contents


The Economic Impact from Agricultural Products Loss Caused by Natural Disasters in Taiwan- Regional Input-Output Analysis PDF
Hsing-Chun Lin, Li-Chen Chou 1-19
On the dynamics of a delayed tumor-immune model PDF
S. Asserda, A. Bernoussi, M. El Fatini, A. Kaddar, A. Laaribi 20-30
The Effect of Rain washout on Dispersion of Pollutant from a Point Source under Low and High Wind Conditions PDF
Manju Agarwal, Vivek Joseph 31-46
Dynamics of Harvested Predator-Prey System with Disease in Predator and Prey in Refuge PDF
P.I. Trisdiani, Trisilowati, A. Suryanto 47-57
Environmental Valuation of Local and External Economic Benefits of Urban Tree Cover: A Case Study in Brazil PDF
M. R. MORAIS, A. N. de ARAÚJO, A. F. V. da PAIXÃO 58-74
Floristic And Structural Analysis of Protected and Natural Ecosystems PDF
K. Vidyasagaran, Y.N. Annie Jasmine 75-89
Exploring Complex Relationships using non-parametric Principal Components Analysis: A Case Study with Land-Use Data PDF
L. Salvati, A. Sabbi, M. Carlucci 90-97
Understanding the Household Perceptions of and Adaptations to Heat Wave: A Case Study PDF
Padmanabha Hota, Bhagirath Behera 98-117