2014, Volume: 32, Issue Number: 1

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Table of Contents


Does the Natural Resource Curse Exist for Electricity Exports in African Nations? PDF
Devin L. Long, Craig D. Broadbent 1-13
The Energy Usage of Food Consumption in Taiwan: An Apply of Structural Decomposition Analysis PDF
H. C. Lin, M. Z. Guo, L. C. Chou 14-32
Water Use and Wastewater Discharge of Industrial Sector in China PDF
M. Yagi, S. Managi, S. Kaneko 33-43
Markets, Hierarchies and Subsidies in the Italian Alto Adriatico Fishery Market PDF
Laura Onofri, Vasco Boatto 44-58
A method to estimate the livestock-related benefits of targeted predator management relative to sport hunting PDF
Aaron Anderson, Stephanie A. Shwiff 59-65
Anti-windup design for singular systems with saturating actuators PDF
El Houssaine. Di Tissir 66-74
Is the Ratio of Present to Resident Population a Proxy for Urban Diffusion? PDF
L. Salvati, K. Rontos 75-82
Application of Homotopy Analysis Method to a Three Species Ecological Model PDF
A.V. Paparao, K. Lakshmi Narayan, Bathul Shahnaz 83-92