Winter 2008, Volume 10, Number W08

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Table of Contents


Karl-Göran Mäler : A Biographical Note PDF
Sara Aniyar 2-4
Dynamic Model of Pest Attacks and Pesticide Use: Optimal Pest Control in Plant Protection PDF
Joko Mariyono 5-18
A Stochastic Model for the Population Dynamics of Budding Yeast PDF
Mounir Aout 19-26
Inter- and intra-village diversity among forest dependent households in Ranthambhore National Park, India PDF
Vikram Dayal 27-39
Tourism’s Local Benefits for Namibia’s Community Based Natural Resource Management Areas PDF
B. Libanda, J.N Blignaut 40-52
Socio-Demographic and Market Forces of Forest Land Use Change on the Northern Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee PDF
Neelam C. Poudyal, Seong-Hoon Cho, Jeffery D. Strickland, Donald G. Hodges 53-62
Water Pollution and Economic Growth: An Environmental Kuznets Curve Analysis at the Watershed and State Level PDF
Anamika Barua, Klaus Hubacek 63-78
Real and Hypothetical Travel Cost Models In Estimating Forest Recreation Benefits in a Developing Country: A Comparative Analysis PDF
Amjath Babu, T.S, S. Suryaprakash 79-90
An Empirical Study of Sanitation and Health in Rural Uttarakhand, India PDF
Anand Murugesan, Vikram Dayal, Saurabh Chugh 91-99