2006, Volume 5, Number S06

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Table of Contents


Preface about Professor J. Mazumdar PDF
Journal's Editor 6-7
On Simulating Multivariate Failure Times PDF
Xiao-Gang Su, Juanjuan Fan, Aaron Wang, Mark Johnson 8-18
Multiple Regimes Model Reconstruction Using Symbolic Time Series Methods PDF
Juan G. Brida 19-40
On The Use of Chain-Type Ratio to Difference Estimator in Successive Sampling PDF
G. N. Singh, Kumari Priyanka 41-49
Some Geometrical Aspects of Fractional Nonconservative Autonomous Lagrangian Mechanics PDF
Rami Ahmad El-NABULSI 50-64
On the Oscillation of Second Order Neutral Delay Dynamic Equations with Several Delays and Variable Coefficients PDF
H. A. Agwo 65-73
Adjacent L-Fuzzy Topologies PDF