2006, Volume 4, Number M06

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Table of Contents


Alternative Contraction Principle and Alternative Jensen and Jensen Type Mappings PDF
John Michael Rassias 1-10
Torque and Cutting Force Prediction Model by Using Response Surface Method PDF
K. Kadirgama, K.A. Abou-El-Hossein 11-30
Bifurcations and Limit Cycle in the System of Rinaldi-Muratori PDF
N. Mehidi, N. Mohdeb 31-43
Integer Lattice Gases at Equilibrium PDF
Alex Khaneles 44-57
A Common Fixed Point Theorem for Weakly Biased Mappings Satisfying an Implicit Relation PDF
A. Djoudi, A. Aliouche 58-67
Median Estimation with Known Interquartile Range of Auxiliary Variable PDF
Housila P. Singh, Sukhjinder Singh Sidhu, Sarjinder Singh 68-80