2005, Volume 3, Number D05

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Table of Contents


Fuzzy Space-Time Sets Discovered by Astronomical Observations PDF
Larissa Borissova, Dmitri Rabounski 1-16
Bernstein-Frechet Inequalities for the Robbins Monro's algorithm PDF
Abdelnasser DAHMANI, Mohamed Hamza BENGRINA, Ahmed AIT SAIDI 17-24
Maximum Likelihood Estimators for Ordered Scale Parameters of Two Weibull Distributions PDF
Tanuja Srivastava 25-36
The Three Phase Discrete Event Simulation Using Some Sampling Methods PDF
Megdouda TARI, Abdelnasser Dahmani 37-48
Intuitionistic Fuzzy Normed Spaces PDF
H. Adibi, S. B. Hosseini, R. Saadati 49-56
Variational Formulation of a Population Dynamics Problem PDF
A General Common Fixed Point Theorem of Meir and Keeler Type for Reciprocally Continuous Mappings PDF
Aliouche Abdelkrim 64-70