2007 February, Volume 07, Number F07

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Special Issue-1 on Leonhard Paul Euler’s: Functional Equations and Inequalities(Guest Editor-in-Chief: Professor John Michael Rassias)

Table of Contents


PREFACE: Special Issue on Leonhard Paul Euler’s: Functional Equations and Inequalities PDF
J. M. Rassias 7
J. M. Rassias, M. J. Rassias 8-17
On the Double Quadratic Difference Property PDF
Marcin Adam, Stefan Czerwik 18-26
Ulam-Gavruta-Rassias stability of the Pexider functional Equation PDF
Bouikhalene Belaid, Elqorachi Elhoucien 27-39
The Alternative Of Fixed Point And Stability Results For Functional Equations PDF
Liviu Cadariu, Viorel Radu 40-58
On Drygas functional equation on groups PDF
Valeriĭ A. Faĭziev, Prasanna K. Sahoo 59-69
Stability of Drygas functional equation on T(3,R) PDF
Valeriĭ A. Faĭziev, Prasanna K. Sahoo 70-81
The spaces S^V: New spaces defined with wavelet coefficients and related to multifractal analysis PDF
Jean-Marie Aubry, Françoise Bastin, Sophie Dispa, Stéphane Jaffard 82-95
Hyers-Ulam Stability of Linear Differential Equations of First Order, I PDF
Soon-Mo Jung 96-100
Stability of an Euler–Lagrange–Rassias type additive mapping PDF
Chun-Gil Park 101-111
Hyers–Ulam stability of an Euler–Lagrange type additive mapping PDF
Chun-Gil Park, J. M. Rassias 112-125
Refined ULAM Stability for Euler–Lagrange Type Mappings in Hilbert Spaces PDF
J. M. Rassias, Matina J. Rassias 126-132
On the ALEKSANDROV and Triangle Isometry ULAM Stability Problems PDF
J. M. Rassias, Shuhuang Xiang, Matina J. Rassias 133-142
On The ULAM–Gavruta–Rassias Stability of the Orthogonally Euler-Lagrange Type Functional Equation PDF
K. Ravi, M. Arunkumar 143-156
Ulam-Gavruta-Rassias stability for a linear functional equation PDF
M. Ait SiBaha, B. Bouikhalene, E. Elqorachi 157-166