2021, Volume 19, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Part A: Regular Issue

Cross-layer Analysis of Prediction Accuracy in Ad-hoc networks based on Multivariate Logistic Regression PDF
R. Mehta 1-19
Machine Learning Model Building Techniques for Small and Medium-sized University Courses PDF
László Bognár, Tibor Fauszt, Bálint Nagy 20-43
A Complete Content-based 3D Shape Retrieval System Using Deep Learning PDF
Mohammed Benjelloun, El Wardani Dadi, El Mostafa Daoudi 44-57
Greedy Shallow Networks: An Approach for Constructing and Training Neural Networks PDF
Anton Dereventsov, Armenak Petrosyan, Clayton G. Webster 58-73
A Clustering-Based Method for the Multi-Objective Optimization of Combinatorial Problems PDF
Elias D. Nino-Ruiz, Esneyder R. Gonzalez-Ponzon, Jesus D. Pena-Segura, Randy S. Consuegra-Ortega 74-85
Optimal Control Strategy for Automated People Mover System using Robust H∞ Integral-Backstepping MIMO PID Controller PDF
Endra Joelianto, Lucas E. Suryana, Augie Widyotriatmo, Yosi A. Hidayat 86-112

Part B: Special Issue

Editorial of Special Issue “Mathematical Optimization Theory, Operations Research and Applications” PDF
Denis Sidorov, Igor Vasilyev, Dong Zhang 113-115
Topological Analysis of Cash and Securities Transfers Networks in Transactions Settlement Process PDF
Ekaterina Alekseeva, Sana Ghariani, Nicolas Wolters 116-131
Computer Vision for GNSS-based Detection of the Auroral Oval Boundary PDF
Andrei Vasiliev, Yury Yasyukevich, Aleksandr Garashchenko, Ilya Edemskiy, Artem Vesnin, Denis Sidorov 132-151
Increasing Population Variability in Parallel Genetic Algorithms with a Greedy Crossover for Large-Scale p-Median Problems PDF
Lev Kazakovtsev, Ivan Rozhnov, Guzel Shkaberina 152-194
High-Dimensional Explainable AI for Cancer Detection PDF
Jinying Zou, Feiran Xu, Yuyi Zhang, Ovanes Petrosian, Kirill Krinkin 195-217
On the Problem of Covering a Convex Set by Equal balls in a Three-dimensional Space with a non-Euclidean Metric PDF
Anna A. Lempert, Alexander L. Kazakov, Trung Thanh Ta 218-229
Constructing Test Sum-of-Ratios Problems and Their Solution by D.C. Programming Approach PDF
Maria V. Barkova, Tatiana V. Gruzdeva 230-243