2018, Volume 19, Issue Number: 2

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Table of Contents


Tail probabilities and complete convergence for weighted sequences of LNQD random variables with application to first-order autoregressive processes model PDF
Zouaouia Boulenoir 1-16
Goodness of Fit Testing for Rician Distribution by Using Several Estimation Methods PDF
M. Hanif, U. Shahzad, S. Asghar, N. Koyuncu 17-36
Poisson - Sushila Distribution and Its Applications PDF
Munindra Borah, Junali Hazarika 37-45
Efficient GMM Estimation of Autoregressive Panel Data Model PDF
B. F. Chakalabbi, Sagar Matur, Sanmati Neregal 38-47
Bayesian Unit Root Test for Panel AR(1) Model with Stationary Covariate PDF
Jitendra Kumar, Ashok Kumar, Varun Agiwal 48-60
Breadwinner’s Education and Household’s Income in India PDF
M. Migheli 61-83
Estimation of the Probability Density Function of Lomax Distribution PDF
Parmil Kumar, Kirandeep Kour, Jaspreet Kour 78-88
McDonald Power Function Distribution with Theory and Applications PDF
Muhammad Ahsan ul Haq, Rana Muhammad Usman, Nurbanu Bursa, Gamze Öze 89-107
Weighted Mukherjee Islam Distribution and Its Application PDF
Javid Gani Dar, Uzma Manzoor, Essey Kebede Muluneh 108-122
Estimating the Mean of a Stratified Population using Two Auxiliary Variables under Double Sampling Scheme in the Presence of Non-Response PDF
Manoj K. Chaudhary, Amit Kumar, Anil Prajapati 123-134