2017, Volume 18, Issue Number: 2

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Table of Contents


A strong Markov model for a discrete time inhomogeneous Semi-Markov Process with bounded phase staying PDF
Asma Benchekor, Abderrahmane Yousfate 1-9
Two General Classes of Chain Type Estimators for Product of Two Population Means Using Two Auxiliary Characters in The Presence of Nonresponse PDF
B. B. Khare, Utkarsh 10-23
Statistical Modeling for Shared Value and the Factors in Leisure Industry PDF
Chia-Ming Liu 24-35
Development of Effective Estimation Strategy for Population Mean in Two - Phase Sampling PDF
P. Parichha, K. Basu, A. Bandyopadhyay 36-49
The Granger Causality and Co-Integration Analysis (Case of Economics Indexes in Algeria) PDF
A. Hamlili, Z.Chikr El mezouar, M.K. Attouche 50-57
Government Expenditure and Economic Growth in The State of Jammu and Kashmir: A Unit Root and Co-Integration Approach with Error Correction Model PDF
Samir Ul Hassan, Biswambhara Mishra 58-86
The Modeling of Competitiveness of Enterprise Products PDF
L. V. Nozadze 87-92
A Bayesian Approach to Optimal Warranty Length for A Kumaraswamy Life Time Distributed Product with General Progressive Censoring Scheme PDF
D. T. Patel, M. N. Patel 93-106
Strong Uniform Consistency Rates of Conditional Quantiles with Functional Variables in the Functional Single-Index Model PDF
Abbes Rabhi, N. Kadiri, Amina A. Bouchentouf 107-134
A new class of exponential transformed Lindley distribution and its Application to Yarn Data PDF
Sandeep K. Maurya, Arun Kaushik, Sanjay K. Singh, Umesh Singh 135-151