2015, Volume 16, Issue Number: 2

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Table of Contents


Complete Convergence of Moving Average Processes With ψ-Mixing Sequences PDF
Badreddine AZZOUZI, Abbes RABHI, Samir BENAISSA 1-6
Identifying Distributions of Selected Stock Returns PDF
N. V. Chandrasekara, C. D. Tilakaratne, M. A. Mammadov 7-22
Comparison of Estimates using Record Values from Frechet Model: BLUE and NBLUE Approaches PDF
M. Tayyab, K. Khan, A. Ahmad, N. Feroze 23-30
Some Improved Estimators for Ratio and Product of two Population Means Using auxiliary character and two phase Sampling scheme in the Presence of Non-Response PDF
B. B. Khare, Utkarsh 31-46
Can we speak about a real positive side effect of Compensation Fund, regarding the inflation dynamics? The case of the Moroccan economy PDF
M. Boumhil, A. Amar 47-59
Modified Influential Observation Detection in Bayesian Regression Using Conjugate Prior Distribution PDF
S. Turkan, G. Ozel 60-69
Investigating the Asymptotic Properties of Some Estimators for Panel Data Regression Model with Individual Effects PDF
Megersa T. Jirata, J. C. Chelule, R. O. Odhiambo 70-86
General Estimation Procedures with Multi Auxiliary Variables under Non-Response in Two-Occasion Successive Sampling PDF
G. N. Singh, M. Khetan, S. Maurya 87-107