2016, Volume: 3, Issue Number: 3

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Special Volume [Guest Editors: M. Dev Anand, K A Janardhanan and D. Kinslin,  Noorul Islam University, Kumaracoil, India]

Table of Contents


Contrast Enhancement of Satellite Images Using Advanced Block Based DWT Technique PDF
S. Oudaya Coumar, V. Vinoth Rosario 1-10
An Efficient and Secure Data Retrieval Using ECC In Decentralized Disruption Tolerant Networks PDF
S.V. Divya, D. Doney, P. Venkadesh 11-19
Interstitial Lung Disease Detection Using Template Matching Combined Sparse Coding PDF
V. S. Jothi, C. Helen Sulochana 20-27
Lung Tissue Classification Using Undecimated Wavelet Transform PDF
A.Sahaya Shiny, C. Helen Sulochana, T. Latha 28-35
Implementation of 2bit Barrel Shifter Using Two Phase Clocked Adiabatic Static CMOS Logic (2PASCL) PDF
K. Srinivasarao, Gaurav Sharma 36-42
A Study on Machining Process of Glass Materials PDF
Pravin Pawar, Raj Ballav, Amaresh Kumar 43-49
A Methodological Study on Data Hiding Through Encryption Schemes for Mpeg-Objects PDF
Sheena Sathyan, R S Shaji 50-59