2021, Volume 22, Issue Number 2

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Table of Contents


Counting the Number of Ring Homomorphism between Some Rings PDF
S. Vinod, G.S. Biju, N.S. Minikumari 1-7
Incomplete factorization preconditioning and GMRES algorithm applied to the 1-D neutron transport equation PDF
Abdelkader Tizaoui 8-20
Modelling Volatility of Bitcoin Prices: Classical or Fractional Integrated GARCH Variants? PDF
T. Babatunde Oluwagbenga, O. Ojo Oluwadare, S. Yaya OlaOluwa 21-30
Multivariate distribution function estimation using stochastic approximation method PDF
Sahar Slama, Yousri Slaoui 31-59
Combined Cumulative Sum-Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Scheme for Monitoring the Process Mean PDF
D. Tyagi, H. Shonik 60-71
Scrambled Randomized Response Models for Estimating the Mean of a Sensitive Quantitative Variable PDF
Housila P. Singh, Preeti Patidar 72-91
Estimators of the location parameter under certain spherically symmetric distribution with stochastic analysis PDF
Hobbad Lahoucine, Ouassou Idir 92-109