2021, Volume 22, Issue Number 1

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Table of Contents


The Stochastic Approximation Method for Estimation of a Distribution Function under α-mixing condition PDF
Fatma Ben Khadher, Yousri Slaoui 1-19
On the maximum likelihood method for the transmuted exponentiated gamma distribution PDF
Issa Cherif Geraldo 20-39
New Chain Estimators for Finite Population Mean Under Stratified Two-Phase Sampling PDF
Housila P. Singh, Pragati Nigam 40-59
A Study on Weighted Frechet Distribution with Properties and Application in Temperature Data PDF
Umme Habibah Rahman, Tanusree Deb Roy 60-78
Estimation of Population Mean in the Presence of Nonresponse and Measurement Errors Under Double Sampling for Stratification PDF
Onyango O. Ronald, Oduor Brian, Odundo Francis 79-94
Heteroscedasticity Testing in Nonparametric Functional Data Statistics PDF
Mustapha Rachdi, Halima Bensmail, Noriah Al-Kandari, Idir Ouassou 95-114
Moderate deviation principles for nonparametric recursive density estimators using Bernstein polynomials PDF
Yousri Slaoui 115-125
Analysis of A Stocastic Model on Three-Similar Units Three-Phased Series-Parallel-Series Mission System PDF
S. Kumari, R. Kumar 126-138