Winter 2011, Volume 10, Number W11

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Table of Contents


Numerical Simulations of Complex Modified KdV Equation using Polynomial Differential Quadrature Method PDF
Alper Korkmaz, Idris DAG 1-13
Kernel Sections and (Almost) Periodic Solutions for a Class of Partial Functional Differential Equations PDF
Xiang Li, Zhixiang Li 14-24
On some nonlinear degenerated obstacle problems involving noncontrollable lower order terms with right hand-side measure PDF
Elhoussine AZROUL, Hicham REDWANE, Mohamed RHOUDAF 25-42
Mathematical Analysis of Added-Mass Instability in Fluid-Structure Interaction PDF
Pongpat Thavornpattanapong, Kelvin Wong, Sherman C.P. Cheung, Jiyuan Tu 43-51
Existence and Multiplicity of Solutions for Resonant Elliptic Problems PDF
A.R. El Amrouss, F. Kissi 52-68
A Numerical Solution of Singular Integral Equation PDF
M. Abdulkawi 69-76
Lightlike hypersurfaces in semi-Riemannian manifold with Ricci quarter-symmetric reccurent non-metric connection PDF
Nesip Aktan, Ozgur Boyacıoglu Kalkan 77-90
Characterizations of Closed Ideals and Main Parts of Some Analytic and Meromorphic Classes of Area Nevanlinna Type PDF
Romi Shamoyan, Haiying Li 91-109