Autumn 2008, Volume 3, Number A08

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Table of Contents


Approximating the Value Functions of Stochastic Knapsack Problems:A Homogeneous Monge-Ampere Equation and Its Stochastic Counterparts PDF
Yingdong Lu 1-11
On Non-Existence of Lightlike Hypersurfaces of Indefinite Sasakian Space Form PDF
Nesip Aktan 12-21
Oscillation Theorems for Second-Order Nonlinear Neutral Delay Dynamic Equations on Time Scales PDF
S. H. Saker 22-35
Ulam Stability for the Orthogonally General Euler - Lagrange Type Functional Equation PDF
K. Ravi, M. Arunuumar, J.M. Rassias 36-47
Harmonic 1-Type Submanifolds of Euclidean Spaces PDF
Bengu Kilic, Kadri Arslan 48-53
A Series Approach for the Transient Solution of a Non-Empty Markovian Queue with Catastrophes PDF
A.M.K. Tarabia 54-61
Unsteady Oberbeck Convection Through Vertical Stratum PDF
Nassem Ahmad, Hasan Nihal Zaidi 62-75
Efficiency Evaluation in DEA Models Using Common Weights PDF
A. Makui, A. Alinezhad, M. Zohrehbandian 76-85
An Introduction to Conflicting Bifuzzy Sets Theory PDF
Zamali Tarmudi, Mohd Lazim Abdullah, Abu Osman Md Tap 86-95